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Produce – Champ’s Mushrooms

Champ’s Mushrooms produces more than 36 million pounds of British Columbia Mushrooms annually.

VistaTrac touch-screen computer stations are used to print GTIN labels and record data at each of Champ’s 10 independent farms. Each of the 30 stations is independently connected to the VistaTrac cloud server via the internet, which means the farms do not need an internal network – just an internet connection. Data collected includes the lot number, pallet number, product number, barn number, and picker number. Data is uploaded to a cloud server in real time.

Prior to using VistaTrac, Pickers’ would use an ink stamp to stamp their number on each box they packed, which was later manually tallied and recorded for payroll purposes. Now, pickers’ ID numbers are entered at the packing station, and reports for productivity are automatically prepared in VistaTrac.

Pickers bring different products to the packing station randomly, so the packers have the ability to switch between multiple open pallets quickly. Pallets have a pre-defined case count, and are automatically closed once that number is reached. Each farm owner can view their inventory, and the farm’s manager at Champ’s Main location can view the inventory and production records of every farm.

When product from the farms is received at the main location, the pallet GTIN’s are scanned to add the product to their Raw Materials Inventory. Quality specs and other custom data is recorded using mobile computer/scanners, which are also used to track all product movement throughout the entire processing plant.

After washing and slicing, product is scanned onto one of 4 packing lines. At the end of each line, product is labeled for a specific customer order and the correct format of the GTIN label is applied (depending on customer specs).  The orders for that day are loaded into the system, and a plant manager can select which item is being packed from the list. When the labels are printed, the product is automatically assigned to the order until it is full, and the remaining product is added to the finished goods inventory which can be sold on future orders by scanning.

VistaTrac was approved by the BCAC ARCorp. 

Champ’s Uses The Following VistaTrac modules:
  • Labeling
  • Real-time Inventory
  • Receiving/Raw Materials Inventory
  • WIP
  • Shipping by Scanning
  • PTI Compliance
  • Farm Traceability
  • Cloud Server Data Sharing
  • Integration with Sage AccPac

Click here for a more in-depth look at the VistaTrac Modules that Champ’s uses.

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