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Specialty Steak Service – Curtze Foodservice

Specialty Steak Service (3S) cuts portion controlled meat items in their 75,000 sq. ft. processing facility. Specialty Steak Service is the fresh meat division of Curtze Foodservice and also handles portion control orders for their sister companies, Northern Haserot and JFS. 3S has been using VistaTrac since 2003 to print cut slips, process orders, monitor real-time inventory, do mock-recalls and report on cutting labor.  VistaTrac has allowed them to reduce costs, reduce waste, run more efficiently and overall make everyone’s job a little easier!  In 2012, Curtze also implemented a VistaTrac system at their fresh seafood division, North Shore Seafood.

Specialty Steak Service uses VistaTrac Core, Raw Materials, and Cut To Order for their foodservice portion-control items.

Click here to watch the Cut To Order Module videos, to learn more about how 3S utilizes VistaTrac.

3S Uses The Following VistaTrac Modules:

  • Cut To Order
  • Labeling
  • Real Time Inventory
  • Receiving/Raw Materials Inventory
  • WIP
  • Shipping Verification
  • Integration with Parent Company’s WMS

See our demo videos for a more in-depth look at the VistaTrac Modules that 3S uses.