VistaTrac™ has been used in the meat industry for over 30 years and more than 50% of our customers are meat companies.  Wholesale, foodservice, distribution, online retail, slaughter, and custom processing companies all find incredible value in VistaTrac.


Live Animal Receiving

Weigh and tally loads and record vendor data. Compare live weights to hot weights and view receiving reports with shrinkage.


Print carcass tags to create inventory, eliminate kill-floor paperwork with digital BSE Checklist and custom data collection. Record retained and condemned carcasses.

Custom Processing

Create custom slaughter orders with cut instructions for processing your customer's animals. Print customer logos and UPCs to provide maximum value.

Carcass Receiving

Scan carcasses or weigh and label with a rail scale to create carcass inventory, record custom vendor info and data for USDA.

Cut To Order

Foodservice JIT order processing. Print cut slips with table assignments and truck route numbers, process orders by route and view the status of route fulfillment from the office.. Verify routes by scanning all product at staging and created pallet labels.

Shopify Integration

Scan inventory into your Shopify warehouse to sync inventoy to your webstore. Fill orders by scanning without manual entry.

Turkey Labeling

In-Motion weighing of birds and printing individual bird labels. At packing, birds are scanned into boxes according to their weight range and case labels with total weights are printed.

Recipes & BOM

Create a BOM for value-added products and set standard yields and costing for each raw material and finished good. Enforce workers to only scan in batch ingredients and create special instructions to display on the plant floor devices.

VistaTrac™ is a proud partner of the following companies:

VistaTrac is a proud partner of the following companies: