Maintaining an accurate and reliable chain of custody throughout all the players in the produce industry is essential. Whether you are a grower, packer, processor or shipper, there is a VistaTrac™ solution for everyone. Growers use VistaTrac™ iHarvesting to monitor farm production and pay workers based on how much they harvest, while Packers and Processors use VistaTrac's Produce Receiving app to verify loads, reduce paperwork, and track material through production.



Set up farms, grow areas, houses, harvesters and "punchers" who record harvests. Record by container or by weight and run payroll reprots from the office with optional payroll integration.

Harvest Receiving

Record loads from internal and external farms. Weigh pallets on floor scales, enter container counts with custom tare settings and apply averegae weights to containers. Track harvests all the way through production and out to your customers.


Changes the grade of a product after inspection by simply scanning it and changing it to a new grade/item code.

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