We help you keep up with the unique requirements of the Seafood Industry.   Country Of Origin Labeling, Shellfish requirements, Lobster grading, and MSC audits are simplified with VistaTrac™.  User-friendly stations allow you to get the data & reporting you need quickly, to help you stay competitive and allow you to focus on moving product.


Shellfish Receiving

Receive from farms and vendors with DOH and Vibreo requirements. Record inventory in different types of containers and print shellfish tags

Shellfish Culling

Sort by size and label inventory that can be scanned into Wet Storage or onto the packing lines. Track lots all the way through production and shipping.

Wet Storage

Scan shellfish tags into wet storage, create sub lots, reprint labels as needed when pulling out of wet storage and report on all movement

Lobster Receiving

Set up lobster vendors and weigh loads in multiple totes with different tares. Print labels to record the load and provide a receipt to the lobsterman.

Lobster Culling

Sort live lobster loads by scanning the load tag and then grading size and weight. Add lobsters to barcoded holding tanks for invnetory purposes. View and print cull reports which can be used to pay lobstermen.

Cut To Order

Foodservice JIT order processing. Print cut slips with table assignments and truck route numbers, process orders by route and view route status. Confirm routes by scanning all product at staging and creating pallet labels for drivers.

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