The Traceability You Need
at a price you can afford

On average, VistaTrac™ costs less than one part-time employee!

VistaTrac™ has two subscription pricing levels: Small Business and Enterprise.

Small Business (VTSB) is for companies that require less than 5 Stations on the plant-floor and have an annual revenue of less than $5 million. VTSB is hosted on the Cloud and Integrated with QuickBooks Online or Desktop.

Enterprise pricing is based on which modules you choose, how many plant-floor stations you need, and how many facilities you have.  VistaTrac Enterprise integrates with any ERP or Accounting system.


  • Station Licenses (users):
  • Finished Goods Traceability:
  • Raw Materials Traceability:
  • Integrations:
  • Add-On Modules
  • Customization Services:
  • Support Level:

We invite you to learn more about our pricing models and discover the best option for your business.